Main Features
  • Energy saving: save over 50% in energy consumption compared to traditional lighting.
  • Environmental protection: no ultra-violet or infrared emitance,the aluminium case can be re-used.
  • Long life span:50 000 hours.10 times more than a traditional downlight. Save renewing and maintenance cost.
  • Resistance: the LED downlight is made of polycarbonate and alloy aluminum. It is resistant to shocks and so easy to transport.
  • Scope of application: shopping malls,homes,office,public rooms,schools,etc.
  Technical data
MODEL Specifications Voltage Power Colour temp Luminescence angle Luminosity
HCL-3W-A Inside diameter: 70mm AC110-220V 3W on demand > 100 ° 210LM
HCL-5W-A Inside diameter: 70mm AC110-220V 5W on demand > 100 ° 350LM
HCL-7W-A Inside diameter: 110mm AC110-220V 7W on demand > 100 ° 490LM
HCL-9W-A Inside diameter: 110mm AC110-220V 9W on demand > 100 ° 630LM
  Brightness & illuminated surface diagram(HCL-9W-A)