Make a strong first impression. Communicating with your audience has never been easier, thanks to Content Management DSS (Digital Signage System). A powerful communications tool for digital signage and broadcasting, it provides a cost-effective, Java web based solution for achieving your presentation ideas. Powerful and extremely easy-to-use, it is designed to quickly create attractive multi-zone layouts for immediate digital display on LCD, Plasma or LED panels. Content Management DSS is an integrated information delivery system designed for corporate communications, educational institutions, any kind of digital signage, and hospitality channels. It gives you the power to communicate your messages, with maximum impact and minimal effort, to any target audience you choose, via the internet or an intranet, or even TV channels. It is completely scalable from simple and very affordable. Much more than a slide show program, Content Management DSS gives you the tools you need to create, edit, schedulize, maintain and deliver multi-zone screens with a high-end look, full of fresh, dynamic multimedia information 24/7.  Content Management DDS integrates crawls, rolls, animations, clocks and video for dynamic presentations.

No special programming or graphics design skills are required. Creating and managing multiple independent zones of information containing text, graphics, or video is easy. Graphic artists can create highly customized and sophisticated templates using some common graphic design software.